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Untangling - January 12

Today was spent working on things that had been back-burnered since before the holidays.

I am still working on one of those, the untangling of the last blob of yarn from a project that didn't work. The yarn itself is fine, and I have something in mind for it. However, I wasn't careful enough in the ripping-out process toward the end, and wound up with a blob looking like a badly-constructed fright wig.

So untangling is the in-progress project. I haven't had to do an untangling job involving more than a few yards of yarn in a long time. But I actually enjoy doing it, especially with this yarn, which is an acrylic and won't break as easily if you just have to pull on it.

It's interesting to follow the yarn back into a knotted patch, and tease it loose. It's enjoyable to see the knot release as the yarn is manipulated. It's fun to realize the knotted blob is getting smaller.

And best of all, having the yarn back to usable state. I hope to get there tomorrow.

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