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January 2009

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Of Saturday - January 10

As I write, it's late night. A few minutes ago a group of people out in my parking lot decided they needed to yell at each other. It sounded friendly-ish, but other than that, I have no idea what was going on. As luck would have it, they finally broke up when a car needed to get through.

I'm glad they did part. The couple of moments of honking horn on top of loud voices was not fun.

This doesn't happen often around here; perhaps once every two years or so. That there is a lot of quiet in the neighborhood is a major reason I enjoy living here.

The rest of the day has been quiet. I used some of that quiet as a backdrop to some thinking. I need to sort out Christmas ideas ahead of time for the one to come, and with the past one still very fresh in my mind, this was a good day to think about the topic.

No, visions of sugarplums have nothing to do with it...

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