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January 2009

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To Market - January 7

Possibly ill-tempered thoughts about marketing in this day and age:

--If a marketing campaign offends me, I won't buy the product. And that "won't buy" goes on a very long time, if not forever. There's a product I still won't use because the early commercials back in the 1970s offended me. No, I won't tell you what.

--That being the case, if a marketing tactic offends me, you can be pretty damned sure I won't use it to try to get someone to buy my stuff.

--Which is to say most of the "expert" advice I see about marketing things or oneself on Twitter, etc., either offends me or is something I consider trite.

--Yes, I do know Twitter can be useful for getting the word out. I do that, too. But if you follow my personal timeline, you'll notice that not everything I say has to do with something for sale. If I thought that had to be the case, I'd delete my account. That goes for the one I set up specifically for business/crafts, too.

--I do reserve the right to get really, truly geeky about crafts on the business/crafts feed. Or not, as the notion strikes me.

--The two are: Becky Says and Rebeccaworks. I don't always follow those who follow me, and I definitely won't follow you if I can't figure out who you are.

--Enough for one entry. Some of these may wind up being revisited and expanded.

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