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January 2009

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Grace Note - January 5

Years and years ago, my mother taught me one of the most important life lessons I ever learned: that no one on earth was better than I, and no one beneath me. That has served me well.

This afternoon I was reminded of it in a rather unusual place...the checkout lane at the grocery store. I heard a familiar voice, and when I looked up the face in the next lane matched the voice.

I stepped over and introduced myself to Senator John Edwards. We chatted probably about a minute, shook hands, and wished each other well.

I had wanted to have a chance to meet him, but had passed up a couple of political gatherings before he got out of the Presidential race last year (more because of timing than anything having to do with politics). I was glad I had the chance today.

It was a grace note...a lovely moment in an ordinary day.

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