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Working - January 4

I've spent a whole lot of today working on the Rebeccaworks site. I changed some descriptions, put one blanket on hiatus since it wasn't selling, and added some new pictures.

And I added a new page about a new product, scrubbers. I first made one of these scrubbers when I was making a sample swatch for something else. I had some leftover yarn and an interesting, new-to-me stitch pattern. The resulting swatch pleased me, but would be entirely too bulky for my original plan.

I had been reading about Tawashi, which are fairly elaborate scrubbers that originated in Japan. People who had used them loved the results. Knowing that the yarn I had used for my swatching was the same type used for Tawashi, I decided to see if my swatch would be a good scrubber.

And it was. I first tried it, with only water, on tea and coffee stains. Subsequently, I've used it with baking soda, dishwashing liquid, and scouring powder with bleach, depending on what needed scrubbing.

I've gotten stains out of my coffee pot, off my stainless sink and the surrounding splash area, and scrubbed baked-on particles from casserole dishes and stainless baking pans.

Of course, I recommend testing on a sample area before general use.

The scrubbers themselves are machine washable.

I have made samples with several yarns, knowing that the chemical dyes used for acrylic yarn often change the yarn itself. The short version is that some colors of acrylic do not work for scrubbers. So far, the two I've found to be best are blue and orange, so those are the only colors I'm offering.

And if you want one? Go here.

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