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December 2008

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Goodbye to 2008 - December 31

As the year ends, we're having a windy day here in North Carolina. I had thought I needed to run a couple of errands today, but I found that I had enough postage stamps to cover the air mail I needed to send, and anything else could wait until I didn't think I'd be parasailing down Franklin Street.

So I went down to drop my mail in the box, and to get the incoming, then came back up the hill to my apartment. While I was out, I thought of the windstorm scenes in various movies and television shows; the ones where people are shown making their way from the house to the barn by holding onto a lifeline previously strung between the two buildings. There were a couple of moments when such would have been handy.

I've stayed in from the cold wind for the rest of the evening, and expect to welcome 2009 sitting in roughly the same spot I'm sitting in as I write. I've been thinking that especially on days like this, it's really wonderful to be inside and warm enough.

So goodbye, 2008! You weren't too bad in my book. I had some really nice times in your months, especially the times I spent with some really great people. Oh, I had some challenges, too, but they were ones that have led me to do a few things differently, so they were useful if not exactly good.

I look forward to an even better 2009.

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