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December 2008

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Friday Random - December 19

---Today I've been thinking about friends and acquaintances in snowy places. When the last of my microblogging buddies checked in a little while ago, I closed my mental checklist of People in Snow's Way for the evening, but I hope those who must be out tomorrow fare well.

---Around here, it was a warm day.

---I will write soon about the controversy involving Rick Warren's appearance at the inauguration. Still gathering my thoughts on it.

---I went out for groceries early this afternoon, thinking it might be a little less crowded in the store at that time of day. Let's say that seemed like a good idea at the time!

---As is true everywhere, grocery prices here are higher. But somehow, I've managed to hit specials, or I've painlessly modified my list of desired items, and my spending hasn't gone up.

---Of course, since I'm trying to shop about every two weeks, paying for twice the food at once did startle me the first couple of times!

---And that's it for the evening.

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