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Neighbors - December 14

I had another visit this morning from a couple of women looking for Hispanics. Neither woman said the name of the organization they represented, but I'm fairly sure I recognized one of them from a recent visit, and on that one the visitors announced they were from a religious organization and were trying to make sure Hispanics knew they were welcome to participate.

This time, one of the women said they were trying to survey Hispanic households. She then went on to ask if I knew any Hispanic people in this complex, and if so, where did they live.

I said I did know some, but was drawing a blank on who lived where. I went on to say something polite about how I was glad to have such nice neighbors, but just didn't pay much attention to who went into which apartment. I wished them well, then went on about my day.

And for once, I think my startled brain actually did a good thing, instead of just a mildly bland one. I thought about it later, and realized that since no one had actually said what they were surveying about, the whole thing could have been some sort of scam.

I don't know everything about my neighbors. Nor do I sort out my friends by ethnicity, so I would have had to do a mental tally of everyone I know well enough here to have been to visit. The people at my door didn't need to know that.

What I do know is in my years of living here, I've been lucky to be treated with great kindness when I've needed it (the heat exhaustion times come to mind), watched some great kids outside playing, and in general been very happy here.

And I've decided that what I do know is the best.

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