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December 2008

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Of Aches - December 12

Today all the things I've done this week caught up with my neck, and it started hurting. Non-stop-relentless pain on the right side, continuing down into my shoulder. Nothing I haven't had before, but I did wonder why it just would not let up.

Then I realized I hadn't taken anything for it. Quickly remedied that, and my neck is slowly but surely easing. Love Ibuprofen.

In my defense for this particular bit of not-so-smart behavior, I was exhausted and in a lot of pain.

But while it hurt, I remembered lots of other times when I hurt, mainly with my legendary backaches, which have eased off a great deal in the last several years.

I was reminded of those times because I realized at some point that I was every bit as frantic today as I used to be those times when nothing would work to make my back stop aching, but I had to continue to function as a reasonably sane person through it.

The real trick today was dealing with e-mail and other online correspondence. And I'm glad I realized I was in no shape to answer a couple of things before I even started typing replies.

Otherwise, I would have more to regret than just forgetting to take a couple of pills.

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