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A Shipping Tale - December 9

If you happened to read my November 30 entry, you know that I ordered a new television after my 16-year-old one died. I opted for the lowest-cost shipping option, because I could do just fine with my handy radio that picks up tv signals for a week or so.

The tracking information sent to me when the package shipped last week indicated it would arrive today. I was a little startled when I happened to check it on Monday morning, to see that the package had reached Chapel Hill, but the information still said the arrival date would be today. A bit puzzling, but when no knock came during the usual time of day that company (deliberately unnamed here) delivers things to my complex, I went on about my business and ran errands.

When I got home from them, I decided to check the tracking information again. Imagine my surprise when I saw that a delivery had been attempted, an hour before I left for my errands, but no one was available to sign for it. I know I was home and not doing anything that should have kept me from hearing a knock at the door. And no, there was no notice on my door. So I grumbled about it, and made my plans to be available for the whole ten hours the company says it delivers on weekdays.

This time, I made doubly sure to be able to hear, and opened draperies so that I could keep not only an ear but an eye on things. And at one point I saw a truck pulling away from my building. I was absolutely positive that no one had knocked on my door. I tried to stop the driver before he got going, but he didn't stop. Then I grabbed my keys, locked the door, and went out trying to catch him elsewhere in the complex. I even used my mother's Teacher Voice (the one that can be heard across football fields) and that didn't work.

Actively cursing, I turned back toward my apartment. And when I got almost home, I saw three men coming down the porch, from the direction of my apartment. One of them was carrying a television box. He asked me if I lived in (my apartment number), and said the driver had brought the package upstairs to their apartment, thinking he had the correct address.

And all three of the men thought the package was for them, since they had gotten the notice yesterday. The man carrying the box told me this as he apologized for their having started to open the package. The opening stopped as soon as they saw my name on it. They were trying to find me to deliver it while I was out getting my cardio training for the day chasing the driver.

The man brought the package inside for me, then I took over (therein doing my weight training...that package weighed 50 pounds). I made it across the room to the piano bench, which made an excellent staging area for getting the television itself out of the box. A few minutes later, it was on its table (which has wheels) and placed where I want it.

I do seriously wonder why the driver couldn't get the apartment number correct (it was correct on the shipping info), and that is being checked. Of course, I am very grateful that the men were home and were nice enough to bring the package to me. I could deal with carrying it across the room, but I'm sure I couldn't have carried it down the stairs.

And the new television is wonderful! I've been enjoying it for several hours now.

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