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December 2008

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Thursday - December 4

I should have mentioned this before. For those of you who happen to be Episcopalian or are interested in the denomination, I commend to you The Episcopal Cafe, which is a collaboration of quite a few people and includes what I find to be excellent writing. I haven't checked the artwork as closely as the writing, but I do like what I've seen.

I came to know the Cafe from Helen Mosher, who is one of its contributors. She is one of my favorite writers, on any subject.

I'm now in waiting mode. I chose the least-expensive shipping option for the new television, and I know it will be here in a few days. I am not impatient, but I am keeping a close eye on my e-mail for notice that it has been shipped and for the tracking number. Meanwhile, my radio that gets tv channels is an excellent companion.

Don't forget that Holidailies starts tomorrow. I always look forward to getting acquainted with new-to-me writers, along with reacquainted with several who tend to come out of lurker mode during the season. Participating in Holidailies is something I very much enjoy doing, too. It's become an important ingredient in my collection of Christmas traditions.

See you tomorrow!

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