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November 2008

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Of Thanks - November 30

I've had a year filled with things, large and small, for which the giving of thanks is appropriate.

The thing that's at the front of my mind is that I have most excellent friends, and I've had chances to share time with many of them over the course of the year.

Unfortunately, I've lost two good friends this year, but I give thanks for their lives and for the joy they both brought to mine.

I have work that I love doing. I don't write much about the details of it, because I'd bore us all to death. But I love it.

I have an apartment in which I love living.

I've had some great times online.

I'm as always pleased that I can enjoy small things.

Most recently, I'm glad I trusted my instincts about something, because it meant a cost savings. I'd held off buying a converter box for my television, pondering knowing that the set was over 16 years old. Though it had given good, trouble-free service, I had some nagging little doubts. And those doubts were realized this afternoon, when it died.

I had been reading ads and reviews just in case, so I was prepared to order a new set, which I've just done. A side-thanks to this is the replacement is larger (than the 13" model I've had), but it is inexpensive and should arrive in a few days. And I hadn't bought myself a birthday present, so this can count.

Large and small, things are good.

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