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November 2008

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Thanksgiving - November 26

I had a bit of a moral dilemma today. I was on my way to run errands, and a man got on the bus who had obviously been doing some pretty heavy pre-holiday drinking. I could smell the booze. In fact, I wondered for a moment if he had mistaken his booze for his aftershave.

The man was seated near me, and shouted across me to the driver to find out if this route went to one of the local Post Offices. The driver said no, and to prevent another burst of boozy breath coming at me I turned my head slightly and told him which bus he needed.

He asked another couple of questions about the bus, which I answered as briefly as possible, then something he said led me to ask him if he needed that specific Post Office, since there was one close to the main bus stop.

Then he said he didn't need the Post Office at all, but had been told that the liquor store was across the street from it, and that was where he was heading. I thought about it for a split second and told him which bus stop was actually closer to the store.

I either served as an enabler or I kept him from being killed wandering across a highway. Either way, it's not something I want to have to decide again.

I titled this entry, "Thanksgiving." The thanks in it is that my life is not one that needs the lubrication of alcohol. I come from a family that has a history of alcoholism. That man could have been me.

This is not the Thanksgiving entry I had planned to write. That one will keep.

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