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November 2008

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Things - November 24

Amusing: A friend mentioned something about wanting to purchase pet insurance that showed up yesterday on my Facebook newsfeed. This morning I was greeted with an ad in that same feed, for pet insurance. Targeted marketing does have its glitches!

Not amusing: yesterday afternoon I realized that no matter what I did to it from that point forward, the piece I was crocheting was not going to work. So I spent time ripping it out, and have rethought. And now I'm working on getting the yarn back into useful form.

Lovely: Unexpectedly finding, in a project bag, my very first, very favorite pair of knitting needles. They had been my Aunt Rebecca's. She gave them to me when I got interested in knitting. It was a happy moment having them in my hands again.

Mundane: In the next few days, errands and chores.

Just for fun: Monday night sitcoms, on now.

All in all: pretty good!

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