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November 2008

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The Birthday - November 16

One of my favorite people in the world surprised me yesterday morning by inviting me to lunch for my birthday. We have had such trouble sorting our schedules to get together that I couldn't believe we were finally going to have a chance! I hadn't made other lunch plans, and was delighted to say yes as fast as I could.

He left the restaurant choice to me, and I picked Breadmens this time. It is a favorite, and the food is great. So this was another time of having an excellent meal with excellent company. By the way, this friend is one of the chosen brothers and has graced entries before. But since he doesn't have an online presence, I won't name him. Let's just call him Brother.

We had a lot of catching up to do. Our most recent conversations have been brief, for time constraints on both sides. Yesterday was a time to get the backstories told and to speak at length of joys, disappointments, current events, and whatever-happened-to/about.

Brother is one of the few people in front of whom I can say anything, so there were more than a few snarky remarks passed across the table. For instance, at one point he joked that my ex's sister and I could work well together since we had had similar jobs for a time. My response to that was to say, "If you wanted to end our friendship you could have just skipped my birthday and all further contact. You didn't have to say something cruel."

After lunch, Brother asked if I'd like to stop at the grocery store on our way back to my apartment, so we did just that. He had just asked one of those whatever-happened-to questions as we got to the store, so I suggested we take a break to shop before I answered, since the answer was complicated and I knew it would have sidebar pieces.

Shopping done, we came back to my apartment and that tale got told, along with appropriate sidebars. We went on to a few other things, including hopes and fears, and agreed that we must be better about keeping in touch, since we matter to each other and since we actually don't live far apart. And on that note, we made tentative plans to get together soon.

The rest of the day was punctuated with greetings and good wishes from all sorts of people in all sorts of places, all of which enhanced the happy and are truly appreciated.

All in all, it was a very good day!

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