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November 2008

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Of the Election - November 8

I am very pleased that Barack Obama carried North Carolina in the recent election. It is the first time a Democratic candidate has done that since Jimmy Carter in 1976, and I'm glad to have had a chance to cast my vote for him.

I voted for Obama for several reasons, but honestly the main reason is because the man is brilliant. I like his policies and plans, I like that he has enough common sense to know he doesn't know everything and therefore needs Joe Biden's experience and intelligence, and I like his temperament. I like that he thinks. I like that he has a lot of compassion. And I really, really hear evidence of brilliance every time he speaks.

But I will not join in bashing John McCain. I said a few entries back that he had disappointed me, and that's the truth. I still have a great deal of respect for his past accomplishments, but in this campaign, he drank entirely too much of the right-wing poison, which definitely seemed to cloud his prior moderate sensibilities. I have hope, if his concession speech was any indication, he will find his way back to himself.

As to other races, especially the ones in North Carolina, I will withhold comment. Some of "my" candidates won; others lost. For the time being, enough said.

And all those anti-gay measures that passed in California and other states are appalling. I see a need for a lot of education about this. I tend to think the only thing that really overcomes bigotry is education, and I've seen it happen. My sympathies are with all whose lives are affected.

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As always, on this anniversary of his death, my late father is very much in my thoughts. An entry introducing him is found here. Love you, Daddy.

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