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November 2008

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An Excellent Day - November 6

About seven years ago I got e-mail from Sister Betty, who had followed a link and was answering a question I had posed a while earlier. It was a business-related question, and the answer was a very good, thorough one. I replied, and a friendship took off.

I knew Sister Betty and Burqa Boy were taking a Road Trip this fall, and that at its beginning there were some plans to perhaps come through North Carolina. I've been following along, of course, and am delighted that Sister Betty set up a Twitter feed, since some of us were having problems getting the entry notify messages.

Late last week Sister Betty wrote and said they'd be in North Carolina today, and asked if we could get together for lunch. I was free, and suggested Spanky's Restaurant in downtown Chapel Hill. We three sat and talked, got caught up, discussed some new plans for my business, and along the way told Burqa Boy some stories he hadn't heard before.

After lunch I walked with them back to the Smart Car, just because I wanted to see it for myself. And while we were there, we took pictures, which are at the end of this entry.

The two of them took off for their next destination, and I, having a few minutes before my bus home, stopped in a store I had noticed, Toots & Magoo. They have some lovely handcrafted items, and best of all, a store dog! The dog, a shepherd mix, decided I was okay, and put her head in patting range. I'm not stupid enough to miss that cue, so I did as requested. I didn't have too much time to look around, but I signed up for their e-mail list, and will definitely go back.

As far as I'm concerned, any day that includes a nun, a Burqa Boy, a delicious meal (including some excellent guacamole, eaten with french fries), a handcrafted-items store, and a dog is an excellent day.

Burqa Boy and Becky
Burqa Boy and Becky

Sister Betty and Becky
Sister Betty and Becky

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