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October 2008

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Browsing - October 28

Back in the day (probably four years ago now) I started using Firefox more than Internet Explorer for my browsing needs on some sites. Over time, I came to use it more and more. Now I have become hopelessly addicted to it, and rarely use IE.

I wasn't really hooked on the feature of Firefox that so many of my friends liked, though; I didn't see the attraction of, or a need for, tabbed browsing. Then I got started paying attention to Twitter feeds and Plurk feeds and Facebook feeds, and really saw why it might be nice to be able to have several sites open at the same time in a minimal amount of space. So tabbed browsing it is.

I've also become a fan of many Firefox add-ons, most recently TwitterFox. That one lets me keep up with Twitter without reloading the page.

Why yes, I do spend a lot of time in front of the computer. If I'm crocheting, I can usually manage to read along. And if I'm doing something computer-related and can't spare the bit of attention, I can close the browser.

It's just nice to have people doing the virtual equivalent of walking down the office hallway and saying hello. And considering some of my contacts live thousands of miles from me, it's a very long hallway!

And it's really nice to have found the joys of Firefox to help make that possible.

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