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October 2008

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Of a Quip - October 5

Here's the deal regarding that political quip about Jesus and Pilate. The main reason I dislike it so much is it strikes me as being a mean-spirited response to something not all that clever that was said by a politician trying to make points with members of the same party.

And I think it's wrong to respond to stupid comments with mean-spirited ones. That tactic has never been particularly effective in changing someone's mind about the worthiness of a political candidate, now has it? Instead, it makes the responders sound fairly defensive.

Oh, and by the way? It's inaccurate. If you don't already know, go check your history to find out what a governor's job involved in Pilate's time. A place to start is the Wikipedia entry on Pilate. That will probably lead you elsewhere.

I'm thinking you already know that being a community organizer is not being the same as Jesus, either. If not, go do some research.

Again, none of this is to suggest that I'm planning to vote for McCain.

I just do not like that quip.

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