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September 2008

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Times - September 30

The most interesting thing that happened yesterday after the congressional vote was a message from a non-profit corporation with which I have a tiny, tiny (less than $50.00) investment, assuring all the investors that our money is safe and how that was, in brief.

Now I don't want to claim that I had been worrying about it (like I said: tiny), but it was nice to get the note, which also included ways to get more information if one desired.

One of the reasons I do business with that corporation (unnamed for search purposes, but one must be Lutheran to join it) is the excellent customer service on their part. Whenever I've needed information or assistance, it has been forthcoming in a timely manner. The corporation also does a lot of community service work, and I like that.

They do annoy me occasionally, when they send out mail announcing that they will be calling to set up "review your assets" appointments, but I'm pretty good at ignoring those calls or saying no if I don't want to meet with the representative, so I don't complain too much. And I've never, ever gotten a hard sell from them.

So as I said, it was nice to get the note.

And that's probably all I'm going to write about the current economic situation. I realize this is my journal and within limits of law I can write anything here that I please. But I do try to stay away from subjects where I don't have much more than a mostly uneducated opinion.

This would definitely be one of those.

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