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August 2008

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A Storm and a Knife, Unrelated - August 24

I wish the storm/depression/remnant known as Fay would get over herself and fizzle out. She's bumped up against another pressure system, and their dance moves are making my back hurt. Yes, we could use some rain. Yes, it's been a sunny, lovely day here. And no, I'm not kidding about the backache.

Today I've spent some time replying to a potential client about design ideas, and doing some more work on my own stuff. I've also done some dishes, sparked by realizing that my favorite paring knife was dirty, and if I was going to wash it I might as well do the other several things hanging out in the sink.

Funny about that paring knife. I got it when I was working at Non-Profit Agency #1, when a company that ran sales (along the lines of school gift wrap or candy) was trying to convince the various non-profits to sell their line of knives as a fund-raiser. The paring knife was a sample the company sent with their sales information. Well, N-P #1 had rules against that sort of fund-raising, so we turned them down, but the company said I should keep the sample anyway.

I did, and I've loved it ever since. I'm sorry I don't remember the company's name (which is nowhere on the knife), because I could give a really good recommendation.

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