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August 2008

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August 20

My condolences to all who loved Doug, who died yesterday.

My favorite thing about Doug is that he kept on wanting to learn stuff. He started his online life with webtv, and used it for a number of years. When he moved over to a computer, he was ready to go further afield on the information superhighway. He was willing to learn the different things a computer could do for him, and happy the technology allowed him to participate in the sharing of information. I'm glad he had the chance.

And I'm also glad he had a chance to have one last pretty spring. Doug and I had in common a fondness for that season.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Several busy days around here, mostly occupied by crocheting. I am almost finished with the beta testing of the latest thing for the website, and details will come soon. Meanwhile, I'm using much time to work on two other projects, and I'm dealing with the confusion of switching between them by paying attention to which hook I have in my is being made with a hook several sizes bigger than the other.

I am also, as I work, spending time keeping up with friends on Twitter, where I'm BeckySays. I also set up a separate account as Rebeccaworks, but it is rarely updated. I set it up more to be able to follow a few craft-related things.

It's interesting to me that I like Twitter so much. I like the challenge of having a fixed number of characters to use. Of course, one can always make subsequent posts to finish thoughts. But on a busy day, when few words will do, it's nice to have a place to put them!

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