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August 2008

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Of Images and Networks - August 12

I made a gravatar for myself yesterday, after realizing I was being portrayed as a purple and white quilt block whenever I made a comment on a website using the Wordpress platform.

People who know me will understand that if I were a quilt block, I would be shades of blue.

Anyway, it turned out to be more of a production than I had thought it would be to make a gravatar, so if you want to make one and wind up having trouble doing it, I'll be glad to help.

On another subject, I have an example for you of why you should never just hand over your e-mail password to one of those friend-finder things that just runs through your e-mail address book and invites all your contacts to join you at whatever social networking site.

Today I got an invitation to join such a site. It had been sent on behalf of a man whose name I recognized as a recent requester of information from me about a crochet project.

I didn't follow the link in the e-mail, but I did go check out the site. And found that it is one aimed at people newly in America from a specific foreign country. The subtext was this was an excellent place to meet people you could take home to meet your parents.

I don't think I'll join. Somehow I don't think I'm the girl he wants to meet mom and dad.

Save yourself the trouble and the potential embarrassment...if you just must use a friend-finder, look through the contacts before you hand over your password, and remove those who just don't fit.

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