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July 2008

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Good Company - July 17

I had a chance to spend some time this evening with Helen Mosher. I first came to know her when I started to follow the Episcopal community on LiveJournal a couple of years ago. Finally, I got around to writing to introduce myself sometime last year, and we've gotten to know each other, using several venues, since. These days, we're mostly keeping up with each other on Twitter.

Helen had reason to come to Chapel Hill today, and we made plans to get together. We wound up sitting in my living room, discussing everything on earth including the Episcopal Church, which is close to my heart thanks to many Episcopal friends, and knitting/crocheting.

At the present time, neither of us has announced plans to redo anyone's pew cushions or kneelers by knitting slipcovers, but don't put it beyond us.

I love it when there's a seamless transition between online and offline. That's what this one was for me.

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