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July 2008

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July 16

Amended slightly from what I said last year, I'll say that July 16 is a day filled with depression triggers for me, because it's filled with significant losses (of which I wrote seven years ago). Not to leave out the really lovely day I had three years ago.

Today I've been taking care of me, thinking of those with whom those memories were made, and laying fairly low. Which means in part that I slept late. Nothing too unusual about that (and it wasn't that late. But apparently I missed some excitement, of the kind that is best slept through.

I didn't need to go anywhere, so I didn't go outside till late afternoon. I found a note on my door, from management. In it was an apology for the lack of advance notice and a hope that no one would be too inconvenienced by a need to deal with a problem which would mean none of the complex would have any water during the day today. Seems a water main needed repair of some sort, and they had no knowledge of when the service would be restored.

I've had water all my awake time today, but just on the chance the repair has been rescheduled without notice, I've put some extra water in various containers. I've had enough surprises of the things-don't-work variety this week!

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