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July 2008

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Downtime - July 15

If you're looking for anything I have on the beckysays domain site, like the links page, hang on another day or so, please. The domain, its hosting company, and every other site the company hosts are down, thanks to some computer part going flooey. Actually, I know which part, but I'm not going to bore all of us with details. Oh, and that down includes domain-based e-mail, so if you've written to me since Monday afternoon and haven't gotten a reply, blame downtime.

I have been highly annoyed about this, because it happened Monday night but it took them till Tuesday night to let customers know what was going on. The reason I find this so annoying is they have a support forum, but the link I had for it led to the site that was down. Tonight's notice gave a slightly different location for the forum, which I have bookmarked copiously.

But they should have written to us Monday night, when it was apparent that the downtime would be prolonged. I don't know if this is true for all of their customer base, but I know they have (and use) an e-mail address for me that is not hosted by them.

I know I would have been less provoked about the situation had I been told. As it was, I was grumbling several different places, and seriously contemplating taking my domain elsewhere. Which I may yet do, but at the moment I'm still weighing options (and one of those options is staying with them and taking advantage of the extremely good discount they're offering to those of us who don't leave).

In any case, I'm going to suggest to them that they host a page elsewhere, as do so many other hosting companies, that could be accessed through an rss feed (their support forum cannot). While the old saying is that knowledge is power, for me, knowledge is also patience. In this instance, more of the former would have brought out a lot more of the latter.

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