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July 2008

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In Brief - July 6

--If you're doing a crochet piece in the round or rectangle, do yourself a favor and look carefully each time you pick the piece up to do the next bit of work. Doing so will save you ripping out a lot of stitches when you realize the bump way over there means you've been going the wrong way.

--Facebook has very targeted ads, except some of them think I live in Atlanta. Unless I've moved without knowing it, I don't. Umm, that pretty much means I don't shop there, either.

--On a related note: have I mentioned that I hate targeted advertising? I don't mind if I'm on a site aimed at a group and the whole group is the target of the ads, but when ads are presented to me based on personal information, I make a point of not buying the product or service.

--I really don't like the current use of the word, "fail." That word has such negative connotations for me that I can't see myself adopting this habit.

--And no, contrary to this list of things I don't like, I'm not in a bad mood!

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