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July 2008

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Activated - July 2

I am spoiled. I lived for a long time without a debit card (which draws directly from my checking account, and doubles as a card for using the bank machine). But once I got one, I was hooked on using it instead of writing checks. Took much less time. And my inner cheapskate loved not having to reorder checks so often.

My debit card had a June 2008 expiration date. I hadn't thought about it, until late last week when June 30 loomed on the calendar and no replacement card had arrived.

I all but kept vigil over the mailbox. I decided to take care of a couple of early-July bills ahead of when I might ordinarily pay them, just in case. And I made plans for grocery shopping that had my checkbook rubber-banded to my grocery list.

As I was heading to the store yesterday (July 1), I checked the mail. Sure enough, there was the new card. I didn't have time to come home and use the landline to activate it. Since the note said to use one's home phone, I decided not to mess with trying to use my cell, which would have worked just fine, but in truth, it is easier to activate the card when you don't have to switch between listening and button-punching.

So I went ahead with Plan A, and wrote checks at the drugstore and the grocery. That's a trip down memory lane I hope I don't have to take again anytime soon. At least I picked my time carefully and didn't wind up making anyone wait for me to get through writing. But it felt like it was taking several eternities.

Not to mention I somehow managed to get a serious blob of ink on my forearm while trying to balance my wallet, my store ID, my real ID, and my pen.

I'm glad to be back in the land of the unexpired convenience!

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