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May 2008

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During the Week - May 23

Almost all of this week has been about crocheting or doing things crochet-related. It's been good.

I've been reminded of a couple of stitch patterns I really like but haven't used in a while, and have been using one of those on a new project, while the latest thing before this is still being beta-tested. Pictures and details will come soon.

And I've been reading websites related to crocheting.

In one case, I got to witness the beginning of another of those sessions of the endless argument about the similarities and differences of arts and crafts. I suspect it's still ongoing, but I decided to quit paying attention.

I flatly refuse to get involved in those, because I think it's like beauty...completely in the eyes of the beholder.

But if you haven't ever witnessed one of these particular explosions, count your blessings. They're loud (even in pixels!) and they're ugly.

I'm counting as a blessing that I could click away.

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