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May 2008

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Sunday - May 18

Yesterday's shopping trip had some serious off-listness, in that once I was in the store I realized I didn't want a couple of things I had put on the list, and the store was out of one of the things I did want. All this was balanced by finding several things on sale for excellent amounts, so I did a little stocking up.

At this particular store, it's custom for the cashiers to tell you how much you've saved. Never mind that it's printed on the receipt, of course. My amount most weeks is a dollar or two. Yesterday it was $15.00. I knew it was going to be a decent amount, but that much was a pleasant surprise.

On an unrelated and very sad note, there have been two traffic accidents in Chapel Hill in recent days in which pedestrians were killed. Both accidents are still under investigation. The name of the victim in the second one has not been released, but the first victim was an exchange student from Scotland who was scheduled to go home this coming week.

I cannot imagine how difficult this must be for her family. I am keeping them in my thoughts and prayers.

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