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May 2008

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Solution - May 13

Millions of years ago, when the earth and I were much younger, I was dealing with my then-usual Christmas case of tendinitis in my right wrist, and needed to crochet a Christmas tree. To save my hand some trouble, I bought a crochet hook that had a comfort grip of sorts.

The comfort grip part is hard plastic and round. It's also see-through, so I can tell that it was molded around a regular crochet hook. Why it's more comfortable is that you don't have to grip the hook quite so tightly. Why it's a pain is that it's round. If you put it down it rolls.

Sometimes I put a rubber band on the grip to make it not roll, but that changes the balance of the hook, making it no fun to use. I have since found another solution, which I'll explain below.

So I had put it down on a table beside me the last time I had used it, and (Bad Becky) never got around to putting it back in the box that serves as crochet hook storage. Something had been in front of it, so it didn't roll away. Until a few days later, when I was rearranging things.

The hook rolled off the table, and came to rest somewhere unseen. I decided I'd let it rest, since I knew it wasn't in the vicinity of a trashcan (therefore wouldn't get tossed). Then came the day last week when I needed that hook. And of course, I couldn't find it.

I spent a few minutes looking, then turned back to my computer to reply to an e-mail. While I was typing, I updated at Twitter, complaining that I couldn't find the hook. And the moment I clicked on the link to post the message, I looked down and saw the hook, being all shiny and hiding in the carpet beside the table.

After I picked it up, I paid homage to the magic that is posting about lost items online (this has happened before) by updating at Twitter again, then I thought about a different solution to the rolling problem.

I got a twist-tie and wrapped it around the grip. It is easily removed when I want to use the hook, and is just as easily put back in place when I'm through.

After millions of years, problem solved!

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