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March 2008

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Home - March 13

Earlier this week the local PBS affiliate ran the "Great Performances" episode of James Taylor in concert in Massachusetts. Even with those annoying pledge breaks, it was a treat. I enjoyed seeing the snippets of film from his childhood which showed places on the outskirts of Chapel Hill...areas I know, at least vaguely. As long as I've lived here, there are still places where I can get lost easily.

Anyway, as I watched, I was thinking about Chapel Hill, and how it was that I realized almost fifteen years ago that this place is indeed my home. My roots are elsewhere, and I still have a lot of love for my hometown, but Chapel Hill is where I grew and where I thrive.

I was back in my hometown with my mother the night that UNC-CH celebrated its 200th birthday. I watched (on the PBS affiliate, of course) the coverage of the ceremonies, which included a rendition of Carolina in my Mind, and realized I was sobbing because I was homesick. That moment, more than any other, sealed the deal for me about where I meant when I thought of home.

All these years later, it still is.

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The second suspect in Eve Carson's murder has been captured, as of the early hours of this morning. Turns out he's also a suspect in the murder of a Duke graduate student in January. And he's age 17. The first Carson suspect is 21. Both young men have criminal records already.

And as usual, I'm sending you to WRAL for more coverage.

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