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March 2008

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Thinking Better - March 8

I admit that I'm not particularly nice when one of mine is threatened or hurt. And in a very broad definition of the word, no doubt having to do with the Carolina connection, Eve Carson and her parents and loved ones are mine.

So when I learned that a group from Westboro Baptist Church has announced plans to picket at the site of her funeral tomorrow afternoon, my first impulse was to link to their schedule page and ask any of you who read these words to click on that link, so that if they got enough hits from something called "Becky Says..." they'd come looking to see what I'd had to say about their version of Christianity.

But then I thought better of it. I realized that no matter what words I chose, I would have been writing from spite and anger, which would not have done anything positive. I would have been adding a layer to the pile of wrong surrounding Eve's death, and that would have done nothing to honor her memory.

Instead, I went to one of the Facebook pages set up in Eve's memory and left a message, saying that I hoped the mourners tomorrow would be allowed to grieve in peace. Doing that gave me a little peace.

Eve's life will continue to be celebrated and remembered, by friends and strangers alike. In her memory, the Duke students came up with the idea of wearing Carolina blue and white ribbons during tonight's Duke-Carolina men's basketball game. And a moment of silence was observed prior to the game's start.

The latest information on the case is available here.

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