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March 2008

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Rest in Peace, Eve - March 6

Eve Carson was murdered yesterday. As I write, we don't know who did it, or why. We do know that the life of a young woman was ended.

Eve was Student Body President at UNC-Chapel Hill. I didn't know her, but I certainly knew of her. Many people in Chapel Hill know these names, at least while the person is in office. Eve was also a Morehead Scholar, and as such had done a lot of service work, both in North Carolina and abroad.

But it does not matter that she was so marvelously accomplished. What matters is that one of ours was gunned down. On our streets. In a place where we have always felt safe --- it was a residential area east of the University campus. Chapel Hill does not have a high murder rate as a town, and according to the coverage from WRAL (link below), the last time a Carolina student was a murder victim here was in 1995.

There are helicopters from several news agencies just now pulling away from town after a memorial service, held on campus at the Pit. The same helicopters covered a convocation held this afternoon. I was downtown, coming back from errands, and the helicopter noise was about the only sound. The town is stunned and quiet.

Tonight I'm sitting here sobbing over the death of a young woman who could have been my child, whose life brought her to one of my favorite places on earth, and whose dreams were cut short.

My thoughts and prayers are with her family and all whose lives are better for having known her.

Much coverage and many links are available from WRAL.

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