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March 2008

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Not This Time - March 5

So I started to post my journal entry to Becky Says... the other night, and found that Andrew of Diaryland has redesigned the d-land site. Depending on one's perspective, it's either lovely or hideous or somewhere in between.

Because it's slightly hard to read (very small white font on black background, with a few bits of red bordering), definitely not easy to navigate, has some just plain errors in it (gray font on gray background anyone?) and requires scrolling sideways, I'm going for in between.

PLEASE NOTE: this isn't Andrew's personal site. I don't give a rat's ass what anyone does with a personal site. This is the Diaryland dot com site, where those who use the service must go to update. It is also the site that he uses in the hope that people will pay him for premium memberships. And it used to be fairly easy to navigate.

This isn't really a big deal for me, because I already use Firefox and have it set to let me see pages as I please in terms of fonts and colors. So I can just stop ever using IE to access that site, and be fine.

Anyway, I did what I needed to do, then read his comments on the updated site, in which he said that there had been some complaints (mainly the ones I noted above), but that he had had web designer friends look at it, and they pronounced it easy to use since people were using higher resolution these days and anyway no one was actually going to read the site, but merely use it to post their own entries.

Um, that has to be the stupidest thing I've seen Andrew write.

I'm not threatening to take my entries and go away, at least not yet, because d-land is convenient, and I've liked being there. But I did take Andrew up on the request for comment. I told him what I didn't particularly like. I went on to say I wasn't a premium member, but that I did help with the archiving for a couple of his premium members, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if they took their business elsewhere, especially since both have vision troubles.

And I'm having something to say about it because I have spent time defending Andrew, and his lack of clarity in instructions, and his lack of quick answers to customer questions and his apparent flakiness in general. But this time? Nope.

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