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February 2008

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Thursday - February 28

Several things on my mind:

--I am sorry to learn of the death of William F. Buckley. He was, for me, personification of the notion that one could respect one's opponents even if one thought the opponents had many ideas one found unstellar. I will miss that.

--This week I've spent some time divesting myself of things that have annoyed me. Among other things, that means I've unsubscribed from the two business-oriented e-newsletters that had turned into thinly-disguised ad vehicles. Very freeing!

--I had hoped to be able to write of having a wonderful lunchtime experience on Wednesday, but it turned out to be less wonderful than durable with a side of annoying, so I'll spare the details. I will say I was weaker than I thought, and was therefore really tired from the outing.

--For the record, I'll note my customary bitch at the local PBS affiliate and their over-a-month begathon. I still think they should be deeply ashamed of themselves for the pledge breaks that interrupt and to an extent truncate the children's programming. And my most unfavorite show of all (for screwing around with North Carolina history) will be part of the line-up again this year. That one warrants its own entry.

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