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February 2008

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Noise - February 12

Though it's a little earlier in the week than I've been going, I grocery-shopped today. There were two reasons for the early trip: last week the store was out of something I was about to be out of myself, and the specials that ended today were really good, so I wanted to take advantage of them again.

Except for the two reasons noted, I'm sorry I went today. I think every person who wanted to converse with a friend had gotten a memo that suggested shouting, no matter their proximity. And In some cases, that included cell phones.

By the time I got home, I had a headache and wanted nothing more than to spend the next few hours away from anything that sounded like it might possibly want to speak above the sound level usually known as the inside voice.

But I got what I needed, and it was a pretty day, and the buses were on time.

Perhaps best of all, I managed to remember my own manners and not suggest to any of the overly-loud people that they shut the hell up.

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