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November 2007

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Free Rice - November 25

If you haven't tried out the vocabulary game/opportunity to donate food known as Free Rice, please do. It's a lot of fun, and it's for a good cause.

I'll warn you that sometimes the definitions are a bit of a stretch. For instance, tat does not mean lace. To tat is to make lace, but if you're talking about the lace itself, the word you'd use is tatting. However, of the choices, lace is the closest one to tat, so stretch on over and get that one.

Every correct choice (oh all right, every correct guess) is more rice. And every incorrect one gets you both the correct answer and the chance to try another word. The more you get right, the harder the next word will be.

I find myself drawing on all sorts of places in my memory to get the words, including Latin classes and music lessons. And I miss my fair share of them! But it is a great chance to think of words I rarely need in my everyday life.

Go play!

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