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November 2007

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Early - November 7

Free time the last few days has been about enjoying early birthday presents. No, I'm not completely breaking my personal rule against celebrating my own birthday early, but I did have a chance over the weekend to buy a couple of books I wanted, and I'm considering them birthday presents to myself.

They are the paperback versions of the fifth and sixth books in the Harry Potter series, in case you're wondering. And the paperback part is a matter of preference.

I got them at a local store that sells toys and books for children of all ages, to borrow from their advertising (no website, so no link). It's a store that I forget about in my everyday shopping forays (which are usually about extremely practical things like food), but I'm glad I remembered to look there this weekend. They had exactly what I wanted, and I like being able to support local businesses whenever I can.

I'm certainly not opposed to buying things online...after all, I hope people buy things from me online. But I also like not having to pay for shipping (which I don't charge on things shipped in the United States, by the way). So any money I might have been able to save buying the two books from an online presence was instead saved in not having to pay anything for shipping (or buy a minimum amount to avoid such).

And of course, there's the added bonus of being able to ride the bus for my shopping trips, which around here is free.

I'm enjoying the reading, too. This has worked out to be good all around.

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