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November 2007

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November 1

It's All Saints' Day, which for me is usually a day of reflection. That's true this year, as well. Several people I care about have joined the Church Triumphant this year. Joe's death earlier this week was just the latest in a string that includes Lynda and Henry and Herman, among others. All of these people were present for significant times in my life.

And it's coming up on the fiftieth anniversary of my dad's death. That's heavily on my mind.

But the thing that's mainly on my mind tonight is that the two local television stations I watch most often almost completely ignored Joe's death. It is on their websites, but you have to search for it...and both got the story from AP. I checked the third station's site, and no mention at all.

I went looking because I wondered how in the world I had missed what surely was covered heavily. But I didn't miss it. It apparently never made it to the sites' front pages.

Damnit, we lost someone truly historically significant to Chapel Hill and to the State of North Carolina, and no one could spare him a couple of moments of air time?

As far as I'm concerned, that just plain sucks.

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