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October 2007

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Multicultural - October 18

Today while I was out shopping I realized I was having a multicultural day.

It all started at the grocery check-out. I mentioned to the person bagging my groceries that I was going to grab the cheese and put it in my totebag, where I already had a bottle of ice water, so that the cheese would stay cool on the way home.

This prompted him to mention that he had heard that in India some people chose to eat cheese that had fungus on it. Neither the checker nor I jumped at the chance to change our cheese-without-fungus habits, but we both remarked that it was interesting.

I don't know the veracity of this bagging person's statement, but I could probably have found out fairly soon, had I chosen to bring the subject up with the gentleman from India with whom I was waiting for the next bus. Alas, I didn't talk with him about anything more complicated than the time the bus was scheduled to arrive.

But the next person to join us on the bench at the stop was reading a book that caught the Indian gentleman's attention. He asked several questions about it, and I learned that it was part of a series of books about (what else) living in India. The two of them chatted a couple of minutes about the series of books then we all got onto the bus and headed into Chapel Hill, where we went our three separate ways.

During the time I was on the bus, I was reading a newspaper article about a young man who has started a business. He's originally from Kuwait. The business is now selling its first product, T-shirts with the slogan, "not a terrorist." If you want one, or to learn more about the company, go here. I definitely wish him much success.

And after I got home, I got caught up with the happenings of people I know in several countries including the US.

I like being reminded that the world is smaller than it might seem.

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