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October 2007

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Odds and Ends - October 12

My RSS reader just told me that two of the journals I follow through it had updated, with one having posted seventy entries and the other having posted twenty entries.

Mercifully for my plan to get a few things besides journal-reading done today, that wasn't true, in either case. I'm not sure what happened to make the RSS reader burp, but I'm glad I'm not ninety entries behind in my reading.

I discovered the trick to getting packages to show up early in the day: post to Facebook that you're waiting for a package delivery. Nine minutes after I posted that on Wednesday morning, I was back posting that the package had arrived.

Plans I had for yesterday got changed, and I found myself just silly-happy that I could stay home and not bother getting seriously dressed. Seriously dressed meaning clothes you'd wear when you were trying to look the part of a responsible grown-up.

Instead, I stayed in or near my apartment and got some things done in my stay-home clothes, which tend to be things like shorts and t-shirts.

And last but not least, it's cooler outside. I am pleased at that. Very, very pleased.

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