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October 2007

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Options - October 9

It was 94 degrees Fahrenheit this afternoon. Although I hadn't meant to be out in the heat (see yesterday's entry!) I had to do the grocery errand today, because I have commitments the other three weekdays.

You know where this is going. Even though I was being what I thought was extremely careful, I got too hot, and before I realized I was getting too hot I wound up having another brief episode of heat exhaustion, as I stood in the shade downtown waiting for a bus. Yes, I had been drinking ice water. I just didn't realize how hot I was.

Several people made sure I was all right and got me to the bus itself when it arrived, then one of my neighbors drove me up the hill from the bus stop to my apartment. After much more fluid and a nap, I'm fine.

I think I've proved to myself that all such trips in weather remotely warm should be done in the mornings.

If that doesn't do the trick, perhaps I should just pack up and move to Antarctica.

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