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October 2007

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Thursday - October 4

So I got over my frustration and turned my shopping into buying tonight. Not to be all mysterious...I was after some supplies I needed for my work. Anyway, that bit of purchasing ended my shopping for the day.

The day got off to a good start with excellent sales going on at both the drugstore and the grocery store. I got home and did a few other things, then set out to shop online. I had done a bit more investigating between writing last night's entry and the actual buying time, and sure enough the site which pleased me yesterday wound up being where I went to make the purchases.

Between shopping adventures, I learned that this part of North Carolina is about to go for another weather record, that of the latest 90-degree (Fahrenheit) day in the year. We're expecting that one day next week. Yes, it's October here, too, and the normal highs this month are not close to 90.

I was telling this to a friend, and we wondered when we might expect to have any typical autumn weather. My best guess is sometime in December.

And one other thing. In case you don't already know, many of the candidates for President have set up accounts at the various networking/blogging sites, like Twitter, MySpace, and others. To find your favorite candidate, or to check out the others, go to the main pages of the sites and search. Or go to the candidate's site and look around for direct links to such things.

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