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October 2007

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Monday - October 1

Honestly, the main reason I'm posting this is so I don't skip the first of the month again. I don't have a whole lot to say because it's been a fairly quiet day, for a Monday.

Today was work, and wait for something I needed, then make sure the rent got paid so I could take that off the day's to-do list. Sometimes the to-do list actually does get written down...if it involves something that has a deadline of the bill-paying variety, that's definitely the case. I don't need to add late fees to the budget, thanks.

I've had time to think of those who lost their homes in a fire at another apartment complex over the weekend. And of the woman who died when she couldn't get out of the building. I still don't know a whole lot more about that one, but the residents, and those who survive the woman, all have my sympathy.

And that's about it for one fairly quiet Monday.

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