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July 2007

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Sunday Night - July 29

Partly triggered by looking through some old photographs, I've had a bad case of homesickness the past few days. Never mind that I haven't really lived in my hometown since I was in high school, and never mind that I don't really want to live there. There are just some people and some things from my childhood that I miss.

And I'm pampering my right knee, which has decided to object to the threat of rain. I suppose it's about time for that knee, which is my bad one, to hurt's been pretty patient and uncomplaining over the past few months, a fact for which I am grateful.

Before I bring us all down, I'll tell you that I've enjoyed my week. I'm working on the last two crocheted projects for people who wanted to help last year when things were so tight for me, and ordered specific things to be done when I had time. And there are a few other things in the pipeline, along with a couple of things I want to make as gifts.

I'm also in the process of refining my future plans for the business...not too many changes, but some. This means there is some rewriting of the text on the Rebeccaworks site to be done in the near future. Mainly, I've made note of what sells best, and what I never, ever want to do again. Mercifully, those two things are not the same.

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