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July 2007

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Several Things - July 26

I recently joined Facebook, which is a networking site. I've had a lot of fun there; more than I thought I would. In the past few days I've gotten back in touch with an old friend and seen pictures of another friend's brand new baby. Both of these things were made exponentially easier by virtue of Facebook. I highly recommend it.

Yesterday was grocery day, in large part due to threats of rainy afternoons the last part of the week. Thanks to some prior stocking up, I didn't need as much as I do some weeks.

That made it especially amusing when the cashier took the hand basket from me and said that it was heavy. The amusement continued when the person doing the bagging asked me if I needed help with the bag.

For the record, my not very heavy at all bag and I made it home just fine.

Other things floating around in my brain this week, courtesy of other people leading me to think of them, are finding the joy in small things and what makes a hero.

I will no doubt ponder those two things more, but I'll say this morning that I am glad I can find joy in small things. My most recent example was being able to get the rust off something that had gotten damp, without ruining it in the process.

And that made me happy.

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