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July 2007

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Badgers - July 1

There is a series of car commercials appearing around here, with the notion that this particular dealership won't badger its customers. The series features badgers, dressed in really tacky sports jackets, etc., giving customers a hard time. I suspect it's used for other dealerships, too. And it's a very, very clever campaign.

There are some other organizations that could use some help learning how not to be annoying.

For instance, a group I won't name for search purposes that people can only join after a certain age. I am a bit past that age, but at the moment the organization does not have anything I particularly want or need right now, so I won't sign up.

And the yutz in charge of marketing decided that the way to get me to fork over the price of a membership was to scold me about not joining. "I am surprised that you haven't joined yet. You've been eligible for several years." I decided not to waste my time answering that one. But I did shred it, by hand for the satisfaction.

Another ad campaign could just stop already. I think it's both badgering and sleazy. A meat packing company located east of here is doing a series of ads that air fairly often every day, about how wonderful it is to work for their company. We're being told all about their onsite health care, and how safe the place is. We're told it's hard work, but good work.

I wondered the first time or so that I saw it if they were desperately trying to attract new workers. But then I remembered that this company's workers are being asked to consider joining a union. Apparently this is an effort to convince current workers and those who love them that a union is not necessary.

I think these two should take a lesson from the first company I mentioned. Send the badgers to the zoo.

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