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May 2007

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For the Young Fans - May 25

As it happens, several of my online acquaintances are either the parents of newborns or are expecting babies this spring and summer. It follows that there's a lot of talk about baby stuff, and for interest and concern (the good kind) for my buddies, I've been following along.

But it's now the case that I have baby strollers and car seats on the brain. Which means I pay attention to the stroller as well as to the baby when I walk past. And I notice ads for car seats when they show up in my alumni magazine from college.

Yes, that's right! You too can have a UNC-CH car seat, which is actually manufactured by one of the top companies (if I'm understanding my buddies correctly). It has a UNC-CH logo carefully applied, out of baby's way. And again from what I've read, the price is about the same as that model without a Carolina logo.

Before you ask, the main part of the car seat is dark blue.

I'm not going to link the company, but if you want to see if your favorite college's logo is available, I'll be glad to share the URL in private.

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