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May 2007

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On Mother's Day - May 13

Last night I realized I was really lonely for my mother. So I sat down at the piano to relive part of a memory. One of the things she and I occasionally did was play duets. Almost always to an older song, because she knew most of them and I loved them, too. One that we used to play was "When You and I Were Young." So my half of that one (which included the melody) was the piece I played.

It felt wrong. I was sitting on the bench, by myself, keenly aware that Mother was not seated to my right. Not that I had left her enough space. But I really would have moved over.

I made it through the song, one time, then stepped away from the piano. I was left thinking of how much of my life is connected with that piano, and being very, very glad I've had the chance to share it with so many people, especially with my mother.

And I wound up thinking about the song I mentioned a couple of years ago. I wrote then something that also applies to this day:

"All during the day today, I've had a line from a song running through my head: "Sometimes I feel like a motherless child, a long way from home." I first learned that one when I was thirteen, in voice lessons. The song itself I loved; the knowledge that I would someday be a motherless child I desperately hated.

"And now I am that grown-up, motherless child, a long way from home. On days like this one, when I miss Mother terribly, I remember a lot of our times together, the good ones and the bad. And I'm grateful.

"I'm grateful for the things I learned from her, both the things she meant to teach me and the things I learned to avoid by seeing how they hurt her. I am grateful for the years we had together. I am grateful that I could be both her child and her friend.

"And I'm grateful that although I may be motherless, I have loving, supportive friends who, especially on days like this one, remind me that I am not alone."

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